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An outtake was released from a recent photoshoot the cast of the Justice League did for USA Today.

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GQ has a well done feature on Gal as their Woman of the Year. Here is an excerpt from their feature and some images from the photoshoot.

Wonder Woman has been with us for decades, but 2017 was the year she finally got the blockbuster she deserved—and now Gal Gadot, the actual ex–Israeli soldier who played her, is Wonder Woman forever. Caity Weaver hits the beaches of Tel Aviv with Gadot and her many (many) fans.

The day I meet Wonder Woman by the seaside is a perfect beach day, bounded on each side by unbroken chains of perfect beach days. The sun is splendidious. The sky is a show-off blue. The people of Israel are wearing white sneakers and performing vigorous calisthenics in the free fitness parks that stipple the Tel Aviv shoreline in primary colors. The water is as warm and as salty as a basin of tears. The egg sandwich is unexpected.

Wonder Woman has brought me the egg sandwich wrapped in cellophane, and when she arrives, she delivers it to me as confidently as if I had specifically requested it. She also packed me a fluffy white bath towel from her own home. Wonder Woman is used to taking care of everything because she is the protector of mankind.

Here in the real world, Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot, and off-camera Gal Gadot’s personal style is like that of a desert-island inhabitant who receives regular airdrops of au courant garments from the world’s top luxury fashion houses. She arrives at the beach with her hair in a bun, wearing old rubber flip-flops, denim cut-offs so distressed as to be inconsolable, and a couture black swimsuit boasting cap sleeves; leather; a deep, plunging bustier neckline; and a field’s worth of laser-cut and embroidered flowers and leaves. It’s a bathing costume designed to be worn more in theory than in practice, yet it also seems to function as Gadot’s casual swimwear for bumming around. I recognize it from a recent Instagram post of Gadot in a pool with friends. When I mention this, she contorts her face in mock misery: “I cannot believe I wore the same swimsuit twice!” I express my concern she’ll be spotted by fans, because she has essentially arrived at the beach wearing a Gal Gadot costume. She laughs and flops down under the shade of a public cabana.

The most beautiful thing about Gal Gadot is her smile—a real one, devastating, whipped out frequently to the peril of those around her—but the other stuff is very good, too. She has features that make the notion of cosmetics seem garish, like using Hi-Liter to trace over a butterfly’s wings. Her height—she’s just over 5’10″—and her leanness behave like complementary colors, her stature emphasizing her slenderness and vice versa. Gadot’s thinness doesn’t make her seem small, though. She has the bone structure of a delicately carved statue, but her physical presence is more akin to the rod that runs up the statue’s back to absorb lightning strikes.

She is spotted. She is spotted over and over again, probably a dozen times before we leave. She obliges virtually everyone, perhaps calculating that it will take longer to disappoint a fan than to smile and pose. Her trick is to offer an immediate “Thanks!” the instant a photo has been taken—her polite signal the interaction has concluded.

It’s already as hot as a charcoal grill in an attic on the sun, but at 10 A.M., there are few enough people at this beach on the far outskirts of Tel Aviv that everyone can fit within the cool, gray squares of shade provided by a smattering of tented canopies. The catch is that you have to share your square with strangers, which is why Gadot and I are joined first by an old man and, a little later, by a woman in her late 50s, who sits behind Gadot and faces the sea. How do the logistics of personal safety change when you abruptly become a global public figure?

“I’m much more aware and alert,” Gadot says, stretching out on the sand. “I don’t want to seclude myself from society. I want to be part of everyone, and I enjoy talking to random people sometimes. It’s easier for me here [in Israel], ’cause profiling people is really easy for me.” She gestures toward a group of about 20 young people in a neighboring cabana, many of whom have already asked her for photos.

“Like, I can tell you that this group—they’re good people. They’re calm, nice. They’re gonna clean after themselves when they leave. They don’t look for trouble.” She jerks her head back. “This woman,” she says in the same breezy tone, “is probably from Russia.”

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Gal was sat down for an interview with Willie Geist for Today’s Sunday Sitdown.

Gal Gadot may be one of Hollywood’s newest stars, but she’s already one of its biggest thanks to the record-breaking superhero movie “Wonder Woman.” In this week’s Sunday Sitdown, Gadot, who stars in the new “Justice League” film, talks to Willie Geist about how her career has taken many “random” turns to get to the limelight.

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Last night Gal attended the GO Campaign Gala. To mission of the GO Campaign is to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children around the world by partnering with local heroes to deliver local solutions. GO Campaign connects donors to high-impact grassroots projects aimed at changing lives and transforming communities, one child at a time. I love seeing Gal supporting such a worthwhile cause.

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This past week Gal stopped by the Today Show and I have come across some images from her appearance which are now in our gallery.

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Entertainment Tonight shares this clip of the Justice League cast sharing what they would change about their character’s costumes.

Gal speaks to Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of Justice League. She discussed when shooting would start for Wonder Woman 2 and they of course asked her about Brett Ratner. We need to remember that not every article out there is true and actually speaks for Gal.

ET spoke with Gadot at the ‘Justice League’ premiere in Los Angeles and Jenkins at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in New York on Monday.